A day in the life

Sculpture of a mushroom made with a variety of different types of wood and stainless steel. Displayed on a granite base.


A Day in the Life

Some friends gave me a section of a cherry tree that had come down in their garden. I carved the bulk of the mushroom cap out of the cherry, the grains and colors giving it a naturally beautiful look. The wood itself wasn’t quite dry enough, so I expedited the process by soaking it in denatured alcohol for four days and then letting it air dry. I weighed it frequently, and at about six weeks the weight stopped dropping and held steady for several days. This meant that all the alcohol had evaporated, and I could continue with the piece. To finish the piece, I used oil with UV inhibitors to prevent fading of the purple heartwood.


13" W x 10" D x 8.5" H  

Wood, Stainless Steel.

Granite base.