Bio, statement and resume of Sam Hingston, mixed media sculpture artist living in Beaverton Oregon. 

I am Sam Hingston, and I was born in London, England. At a very early age, my family moved from the UK to Adelaide, Australia. Then, when I was six we moved again and settled in picturesque Arrowtown in the mountains of the South Island of New Zealand. It was there that I first discovered the joy in sculpting. When I was about eight years old, a friend gave me a small piece of soapstone to carve and in doing so sparked my interest in three dimensional design. Although it was a simple carving, I remember very clearly rotating it in my hands and noticing how the lines and shapes changed with my viewpoint. I made adjustments where it didn't look right and in this way made the whole thing feel balanced from all sides. It gave me such a sense of satisfaction, like I had brought this random collection of shapes and lines into some sort of harmony. I loved it. In one way or another, I have been making things ever since and even after all these years, the experience is still essentially the same.

I now live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and have done for over 20 years. My studio is in Beaverton, Oregon where I live with my wife Chandra. 

My Studio

My Studio

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I create mixed media sculpture primarily using wood with the addition of metal, glass, resin and stone. My ideas and designs are inspired by reflecting on the things I see in the world around me and finding interesting ways to interpret them. I focus on form and structure while trying to express the more fluid, less tangible elements of life like emotion and movement.

I use typical woodworking tools with an emphasis on grinders for carving and sanders for finishing. Using techniques like lamination and inlay, I create striking visual effects with color and grain. Craftsmanship is extremely important to me and I pay particular attention to the quality of the finish. 




Art on Broadway, Beaverton Oregon. Member artist since 2014.

Freed Gallery, Lincoln City, Oregon.



2018 Art on Broadway Gallery - Group show, "Change". Jan 3 - March 3

2017 Portland Open Studios. Oct 14, 15 and 21, 22. Merit Award.

2017 BAM - Beaverton Arts Mix. Annual visual arts showcase. Oct 5 - 8. Best in Show (Bloom #22).

2017 Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair, Bellevue Washington. July 28 - 30.

2017 3rd Annual ISDay PDX. Exhibitor and presenter. Portland Oregon April 21-22.

2017 39th Celebration of Creativity, Beaverton Oregon, March 2-5

2016 Holiday Gallery at 510 Museum Artspace, Lake Oswego Oregon. Nov 22 - Dec 23

2016 Local 14 - Left Bank Annex, Portland Oregon. Sept.29 - Oct 2

2016 Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair, Bellevue Washington. July 29 - 31.

2016 Art on Broadway - "Bloom" - March featured artist. March 1 - April 2.

2015 Portland Open Studios. Oct 10, 11 and 17, 18

2015  Bellevue Arts Museum Arts Fair, Bellevue Washington. July 24 - 26

2014 - 2015 Exhibiting artist - Bush Barn Art Center, Salem Oregon. June - June.

2014  Portland Open Studios. Oct 11, 12 and 18, 19.

2014  BAM - Beaverton Arts Mix. Annual visual arts showcase. Oct 4 - 12.

2014   Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, June 20 – 22.

2014   Art on Broadway – “Discoveries” – Juried guest artist show for February/March.

2014   Guardino Gallery, January 4th – 28th.  Sam Hingston and Shannon Passon.

2013   Center on Contemporary Art Seattle – CoCACollisions – Past, Present, Future – Members Show 2013.

2013   Art on Broadway – “Temperature Changes” – Juried guest artist show for March/April.

2013   Art on Broadway – “Beginnings” – Juried guest artist show for January/February.


Related Experience:

Board member and member - Pacific Northwest Sculptors Association, 2013 - Present.



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2013 CoCA Collision: Past, Present, & Future members show.



2017 Portland Open Studios - Merit Award.

2017 BAM - Beaverton Arts Mix. Annual visual arts showcase. Best in Show - Bloom #22.