In Tension

Sculpture describing tension caused by the weight of a stainless steel ball set in a fabric hammock carved out of wood. Displayed on a granite base.


In Tension

The idea for In Tension came from pondering a stainless steel ball bearing I had intended to use in an edition of Together. It was heavy, which made me consider how to express the sense of weight in sculpture. Eventually I came to the idea of a hammock of fabric. The antique nails were a fun way to attach the fabric to the rails, and they create a nice contrast with the other parts of the piece. They were given to me as a “donation to the arts” by Hippo Hardware in Portland after hours of searching through their endless supply of bits and pieces.


17" W x 8" D x 5.5" H

Wood, Stainless Steel, Reclaimed metal.

Granite Base.