I've Missed You

Hand molded colored cement sculpture of two people embracing after time apart.


I've Missed You

I often make bases for my sculptures using rapid set, high strength cement, and after the mold is filled there is invariably some left over to play with. I found that before the cement goes hard, there are several minutes where you can mold it much like sandy clay. After figuring out the body positions for I've Missed You, I made a wire armature and began building the cement up around it. I mixed a little cement, and when it started to go hard I molded it into place. The process is quite slow as you can only work a little bit at a time. Also, because I used two cement colors, each figure had to be done separately. Once the cement was sufficiently hardened I used grinders and sanders to smooth out any rough spots. Before this piece, I focused heavily on structure and form. For I’ve Missed You I wanted to consider other less tangible elements in my design. This began my effort to capture  in my artwork things like emotion, feeling, movement and the effect one object might have on another.


10.5" W x 10.5" D x 25" H

Hand molded cement.