Orion's Belt

The constellation Orion's belt described using starfish. Made with maple, purple heartwood, birch and cement.

Orion's Belt by Sam Hingston.jpg

Orion’s Belt

It occurred to me one day that it would be interesting to depict constellations using starfish. The starfish in this piece are made in the same style as “On the Edge,” using purple heartwood and maple with colored birch inlay. Rather than use granite as a base, I chose colored cement. I didn't fully sift the dry cement so that small lumps remained. This meant that only the surface of the lumps would come in contact with the tint so that once cast and set, the surface of the block could be ground down a little to reveal white spots suggesting stars in distant space.


7.75”W x 4.5”D x 5”H

Purple heartwood, maple, birch, cement.