Splash Series 2016

Splash Series (2016)

The inspiration for this series came out of my interest in portraying two things, the effect of a force applied by one object on another, and giving static objects a sense of motion. A splash is particularly interesting because it is explosive, fast and fleeting. This adds the element of time to the challenge. I am looking to create the sense that this really is just a split second moment in a rapidly evolving interaction.

I have used an over sized coffee bean carved out of walnut as the falling objects. The liquid is carved out of maple.

Have a special cup in mind? I am more than happy to do custom work so feel free to contact me for more information.

Like a snowflake, no two splashes are the same.

Splash #19 by Sam Hingston

Splash Series #19

5"W x 4"D x 4.75"H

Maple, Ceramic Cup


 Splash Series Custom #4

Splash Series Custom #4