Mixed media sculpture depicting dawn. Made with a variety of woods, alabaster and a mirror. The mirrors reflection changes the visual effect as you approach the sculpture giving the impression of a sunrise.


The initial inspiration for Dawn was the grain and color patterns produced by carving the lip of Grand Aegis, every layer creating a line that follows the curves of the finished piece. I wanted to experiment with making those curves more dramatic and interesting. I focused heavily on shape in my design, keeping it simple while giving it a subtle complexity. I thought that reflection would be an interesting way to add dimension to the piece without complicating the structure. With a horizontal mirror in the center of the sculpture, what you see changes depending on where you stand. Standing back from the piece you see the whole structure with the Sun half way above the horizon. As you get closer the reflection grows and replaces the lower dark half of the circle until you see only the full sun reflected in the mirror.


29.5" W x 11.5" D x 19" H

Wood, Glass, Alabaster