Grand Aegis

A large conch seashell sculpture made with laminated maple.


Grand Aegis

It was a conch shell that inspired me to attempt making seashells in the first place. I had seen a large and very beautiful one and thought how impressive it would be made of wood – particularly on a larger scale. August Carapace and Spotted Carapace were both much larger than life, but with Grand Aegis I wanted to go even bigger. Working with poplar I have been limited in size by the width of boards available to me. I decided to use solid hardwood maple ply which meant I could increase the size without having to sit two boards next to each other.

Another advantage to using ply is the visual effect. The thinness of the layers adds a beautiful look to the finish, and the difference in color between each layer helps to accentuate dimension.


21" W x 15" D x 21" H

Laminated Maple.